Five Unexpected Gifts of Fatherhood

This Father’s Day, we thought we’d supplement the typical gifts of coffee mugs, golf clubs, and silly ties with a reminder about some of the unexpected gifts of fatherhood.

It really does take a village

Between friends, family, teachers, daycare workers, pediatricians, nannies, scout leaders, coaches, lunch ladies, and hall monitors, stepping into fatherhood connects you to a community focused on doing what’s best for the next generation. Those connections can be great sources of support and solace when the struggles of fatherhood threaten to overwhelm.

Cuddles on demand

WE know that real men cuddle, but sometimes cultural ideas of masculinity make it hard for men to snuggle up as often as they might like. Being a dad means 24/7 kiddo cuddles whenever you want them.

A big dose of wonder

Every day, you’ll get to marvel at the miracles your children are, just by their existence. You’ll also get to enjoy their amazement as they discover the world around them.

Fart jokes are funny again

Okay, so maybe they never stopped being funny. But you’ll be dealing with bodily fluids of so many kinds, so much of the time, anyway, that potty humor will suddenly feel incredibly relevant. Not to mention that when kids hit a certain age, you can share giggles over every toot and poot.

Dads need self care, too

Kids give us purpose beyond ourselves – and a reason to learn and respect our limits. Learning how to handle the inevitable stress of parenting, how to balance the many demands of modern life, and how to recharge when your kids have worn you out – that is a lifelong process. Don’t forget, Dads, you need self care, too.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there who know how to #ProtectThatPatootie and #PaintThatBottom!

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