Diaper Rash This Summer: Goodbye in Three Easy Steps

Summertime is here – and we have the sweaty clothes to prove it! It’s not just barbecues and beach days, though; summer also means heat and sweat, which means you and your little ones are fighting heat rash and diaper rash with every diaper change and trip outside the air conditioning.

Don’t worry! Benson’s Bottom Paint has tips to keep skin rash-free and happy, no matter how high the heat index.

#PaintThatBottom to prevent and treat diaper rash!

Diaper Rash is the bane of every delicate little backside year round, but especially when the weather turns hot and humid. Diapers and other clothing hold wetness against baby’s skin, leading to all kinds of irritation that only gets worse in higher temperatures.

What can you do to prevent and treat rashes from extra heat and wetness? Three easy steps.

  • Change that diaper, STAT!
    The longer a wet diaper has to irritate your wee one’s skin, the more likely diaper rash will develop. The same goes for swimsuits, swim diapers, and wet clothes.

    Especially if your kiddo is sick, teething, or has an upset tummy, a diarrhea diaper needs changing as soon as possible. Extra acid is extra rough on baby’s skin; we like to give an extra rinse after regular cleanup with baby wipes, using a water-only washcloth.

  • Wash and air dry
    Just like air drying dishes gets them dryer than sitting in a dishwasher, letting your baby’s bottom get a little fresh air after bath time (or swim time, or diaper change time) helps keep skin dryer and less likely to develop diaper rash. Who doesn’t love a cute little patootie running around in their altogether?
  • #SchmearThatRear #PaintThatBottom
    If you’re already dealing with a case of summer diaper rash, apply a fresh coat of Benson’s Bottom Paint to the affected area after every diaper change. Bottom Paint’s protective properties reduce skin irritation and give skin a chance to heal.

    And if you’re NOT already dealing with summer diaper rash – apply a fresh coat of Benson’s Bottom Paint after every diaper change. Think of it like sunblock, but for diaper rash!

BONUS: More than just bottoms!

#RealBabyTalk: babies aren’t the only ones dealing with the frustrating effects of sweaty skin in summertime. Maybe your daily walk turns into a Mommy-and-Me (or Daddy-and-Me) class on chafing in uncomfortable places. Maybe your nursing bra just isn’t giving you enough protection from that dreaded boob sweat. Whatever it is, summertime is the time of sweat, chafing, and heat rash, and we’ve all been there.

Have no fear, Bottom Paint is here! Just like a fresh coat can #ProtectThatPatootie, a thin layer can prevent skin irritation for moms (and dads!), too. Just apply directly to skin, before or after irritation, to prevent or treat heat rash or chafing.

Here’s to a cool, comfortable summer for you and your cutie patooties!

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One thought on “Diaper Rash This Summer: Goodbye in Three Easy Steps

  1. Mary butcher says:

    I just wanted to comment on Benson’s bottom paint I am so impressed and so relieved of how it has helped my 89 year old mother!!!!! No other cream or powder has worked, but Benson’s bottom paint is amazing and it is taken care of her wound her rash turned into a wound! I love Benson’s bottom paint would never use anything but! It’s not only for babies it’s for all of our loved ones young and old!! So thank you for Benson’s bottom paint recommended by her doctor!!!

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