“We have four children – ages 5, 4, 2 and 3 months. We use cloth diapers as part of our ‘green initiative,’ but anyone old enough to remember cloth diapers remembers the diaper rash that comes with them. Not at our house! A little Benson’s Bottom Paint on occasion, and no rash. This product is wonderful! Thanks.”

The Scotts, Greenville, MI

“For more than 20 years, I’ve used Benson’s Bottom Paint for everything from acne breakouts, to diaper rash, to runny nose rash when someone in my family gets a cold. I even keep some in my car for mishaps like hot coffee spills, cuts and dry skin. I am one of your #1 fans. Thank you for this product and all the different health benefits it provides.”

Sue E., Bowling Green, KY

“We have a 6-month old baby boy, and have been using Benson’s Bottom Paint since day one.  We’ve had ZERO issues with diaper rash. I would recommend Benson’s Bottom Paint to any family that want to keep that beautiful new addition to the family happy and healthy.”

Rob P., Green Bay, WI

“Our nursing home has used Benson’s Bottom Paint for over three years. Not only does it work great on our residents, it’s goes on and wipes off easily!”

Beverly M., RN, Madison, WI

“I’ve tried all kinds of diaper rash ointments, but a lot of them are so sticky and stinky, they end up causing more problems than they solve. Benson’s Bottom Paint is super light and easy to work with. Best of all, my baby felt better right away. I’ll be schmearing my baby’s rear with it from now on!”

Suzi V., Michigan

“I use cloth diapers to do my part for the environment, but other zinc oxide diaper creams get goopy and are practically impossible to wash out. Now that I use Benson’s Bottom Paint, my baby’s skin doesn’t stick to the diaper when I change her, and my diapers actually come out clean and residue-free!”

Marie K., Illinois

I’m a competitive bicycler, and have always had trouble with chaffing. Then one day, my girlfriend told me I should try Benson’s Bottom Paint to protect my sensitive areas. I was skeptical at first, but now I apply a thin coat before each ride and haven’t chaffed since. Thanks Benson’s!”

Karl H., Texas